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?virgin land by Chang'e-4 might brin▓g breakthroughs."The moon is tidally locked to earth, rotating at the same rate that it orbi▓ts Earth, so one side of the moon is seen from Earth, leaving the far side a myst

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ery, until now.About 60 years ago, the Soviet Union's Luna 3 probe sent back the first images of the moon's far side. And about 50 years ago, three astronauts on the United States Apollo 8 mission became the first people to see it with their own eyes.Lunar orbiters have shown the moon's tw▓o sides are very different: the near side is re▓latively flat, while the far side is thickly dotted with impact craters of different sizes.Scientists believe that ▓the lunar crust on the far side is much thic▓ker than the near side. However, the reason is still a mystery. Only on site exploration might reveal th▓e secrets.The moon and Earth shared a similar "childhood." But traces of the remote past on Earth ▓have been erased by geological activities. "The moon might provide some insights to the early history of Earth," said ▓Lin Yangting, a researcher at the Institute▓ of Geology and G

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eophysics.Exploring the Von Karman Crater in the SPA Basin is meaningful in another▓ sense. The crater was named after ▓a Hungarian-American mathematician, aerospace eng▓ineer and physicist in the 20th century, who was also the teacher of Qian Xuesen and Guo Yonghua▓i, the founders of China's space industry.Nearly 50 years have passed since people first stood on the▓ moon. Can we return? How will radiation on the m▓oon affect astron

auts? How much water is there?Scie▓ntists from China, Germany and Sweden hope to find the answers through Chang'e-4, and make preparations for people to return to th▓e moon.Professor Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber, o▓f the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics of Kiel ▓University in Germany, said that preparing for future huma▓n exploration of th

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